We Help You Cut Your Coat According To Your Size

We Buy your place from you upfront

Rent now and pay later at 0% interest and at your own pace

Lend a helping hand to Schools in need

Our aim is to make housing affordable

Imagine the possibilities!

People save more money (both owners & seekers)

Sellers/Landlords have guaranteed payout

Seekers don't pay interest whatsoever

Now, operations span the following countries

US & Canada is COMING SOON!

How it works

Landlord / Seller lists property on Pelow

Buyer / Renters submits offer for property

Seller accepts offer

Pelow makes payment, everybody wins

What if you can't afford it?

Simply Create Your Donation Campaign

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Our General Community Donates

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Receive Money Raised After Campaign End

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Veritatis et dolores facere numquam et praesentium

30,000 +


Presence in

2 Continents

Thousands of


We know how to help you

Owners - Get your listings discovered

Seekers - Get better place and pay at your pace

You are safe with us

We have company presence in over 4 countries with hands-on technical expertise to keep your information safe at all times.

We're kind of a big deal

"Pelow is where you start your free journey to your goals"

"Pelow offers affordable housing solutions for agents and renters"

"On Pelow, you can find, negotiate for, and rent your commercial, residential properties with confidence"

"Pelow provides a secure platform that stands in for the interests of both parties"

"Pelow is great because it brings buyers & sellers together in a market that can be daunting" - Tina Kembo, via Google My Business

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